Hey Jordan Here.

Here’s one of the 5 reasons why you’re struggling

with Affiliate Marketing.

 No Personal Branding. Let me explain.

Most affiliate marketers are like sheep.

No Disrespect but I’ll prove it to you.

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If your answer is Yes then I know for fact that

you’re not happy with the results…

Why is that?


You’re doing what the GURU’S are asking you to do


So Why Aren’t you getting results?


What I’m About to tell you will

shake the ground beneath your feet awaking you

from the “Sheep Marketer Hypnosis Trance”

cast upon you by the “GURUS”.


“Your Prospect Cannot Differentiate You From Any Other Bullshit Marketer Online”.

Because You’re Doing What Any BullShit Marketer

is Doing…


Let me explains this in a different way.

Tony Rush is a 6-Figure Monthly Income Earner

in multiple Affiliates Programs

In the “make money online niche.

Check Out His Squeeze Page: http://www.best7minutes.com/


What’s Different?


Is he Promoting his affiliate programs upfront?

I don’t See It…

He’s promoting himself as a guide to his fellow prospect.


What About Lawrence Tam?

Another 6-figure Earner In the “make money online niche”


Lets’ take a look at his squeeze page:


Same Sh%&.




Lets’ Look At  Vick Strizheus.

A Power House In The Make Money Online Niche.

8-figure annual income earner.

Let’s Check his Squeeze Page:



The Same Freaking Thing.

He’s got his brand of Big Mastermind Idea to promote himself

and his team of marketer connected to his affiliate offer



All Three of these guys are not promoting their affiliate offers  upfront…

They are branding themselves talking about them as a trusted guide to their prospect…


So let me ask you:Why are you doing the opposite ?

Don’t You Wanna Have Their Results?


Here’s Why Nobody Told You To Brand Your Self In Affiliate Marketing Before.

Because The Gurus want you to keep filling their pockets

with your hard earn money by buying their damn shiny products.

It’s much easier and profitable for them to sell you a new product.

Then taking their time and showing you how to differentiate yourself from your competition.


Here’s what smart marketers do.

They Stand  outside of the crowd. They Don’t Melt With Their Competition.


Because The most important thing in any business is your first approach.

Your approach Must Be Unique.It Must Reflect You And How You Will Assist Your Prospect.


This simple reason explains why you should absolutely must control how people get on your list.


The reason why people are not buying your products

is they don’t differentiate you from any other

sheep marketer on the internet…

Their bullshit alert goes on when they see your e-mail…


There’s no authority in your approach no genuine

connection and no personal branding.

No promise he can believe you can deliver.


If you want to succeed like Tony Rush and Vick Strizheus then

do what they’re doing Damit!

promote yourself first NOT YOUR AFFILIATE OFFER.


Now I know you don’t have Tony’s Results but that’s

a tiny detail.

Might look a big deal for you but it’s not.


Here’s How You Can Stop Following

The Heard of Sheep like most Struggling  Affiliate Marketers.

Stop getting slaughtered by the Traffic Wolves

and Start getting Results By Becoming the Jedi Shepard.


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And the best thing about it.

You don’t need to FIGHT WITH HTML CODING and Designing Logos

Or any of the tech stuff involved in setting up a basic Squeeze page.


ALL you do is type your text where they ask you to

copy & paste your auto-responder Java or HTML Code

in the box where they indicate and VOILA!


You Got Your Self Your Personal Branded Squeeze Page :)

Ready To Crush Your Competition Putting You On The Same

Level As Any TOP Money Making Affiliate.


Grab A Copy Of Easy Squeeze Builder Right Here


I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Until then, be bold, be great and take action.

Your Canadian Buddy “Jordan Syed”


P.S: If You don’t know what to write on your squeeze.

I’ll help you with it. But we’ll go through it tomorrow.

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Relaxe Your Mind To Access Your “Creative Imagination”

A lot of time we believe in the “MYTH” that HARD, HARD,HARD WORK will get us the kind of result we desire…

I’m a big believers in this theory…However I recently realized that pounding your brain like a “MAD MAN” will not   get you the results that you want either…

I say this because your “BRAIN” is a muscle like any other muscle in your body…

If you over work your brain, “YOU WILL EXPERIENCE BRUNT OUT” Therefore your thinking will be inaccurate, you will not tap into your

“CREATIVE IMAGINATION” which will result for you not experiencing any results…

This is what Happened to me…So here is what I did: WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW IN FULL.

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#7 Read Books on marketing Daily… Influence by Robert Cialdini, The Ultimate sales letter by DAN KENNEDY, Positioning:The Battle for your mind by JACK TROUT.

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Relaxe Your Mind To Access Your "Creative Imagination"


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Relaxe Your Mind To Access Your "Creative Imagination"

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Amazing Anamorphic Illusions

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